If Anxiety is Interfering with Your Life, Know that there is Help Available.

Anxiety may be described as an uneasy or a fearful feeling that something is wrong or something bad is going to happen.  For many people the reason they are experiencing anxiety may seem clear.  However, one of the most difficult issues with anxiety is not understanding why it is present or what is causing it.  A caring psychotherapist may assist you in reaching that understanding.

Another difficulty with anxiety is that it may feel overwhelming.  This feeling can affect a person in different ways that influence and interact with each other:

Mentally In the form of persistent and often negative thoughts, and sometimes intrusive frightening thoughts
Emotionally Through feelings of unease or fear which can lead to depression
Physically Through increased heart rate, unconscious holding of breath, sweating, light-headedness, tightness or discomfort in the chest, and unconsciously tensing the body or grinding teeth throughout the day.  These symptoms can lead to very severe fatigue.
Behaviourally Anxiety can negatively impact our normal day-to-day interactions with family friends and work colleagues.

When feeling overwhelmed people with anxiety often use strategies such as alcohol, prescription/recreational drugs or personal isolation to manage the immediate discomfort but unfortunately these behaviours don’t resolve the issues and often make the anxiety worse.

Positive Change
My initial focus as a psychotherapist is to give you tools to help you cope with the symptoms.
We would then work together to explore the causes of your anxiety, which brings understanding and healing.  Every person is unique, therefore the reasons for each person’s anxieties are unique.