As humans, relationships are a central part of our being. When good relationships become disturbed fragmented or end, it can cause us confusion and a great sense of loss.

Resolving relationship difficulties whether intimate, family, friend or work related all need a separate and distinct approach.

As an example, intimate relationship are often impacted by communication difficulties and an inability to discuss finance, children, sexual intimacy and time spent together.

As a psychotherapist part of my function is to help you delayer the complexity of your specific situation.

In the complex world we live in today it is also quite common to have difficulties in multiple relationships at the same time, for example difficulties in your working relationships and your home life can involve a dynamic that is not obvious as to cause and effect and may be interrelated.

Breakups can be devastating. This can be especially true for a person if the ending was unwanted or unexpected. Being left without closure can have a traumatic effect on an individual who is often left with a swirl of emotions such as upset, anger, guilt, anxiety, shame and loss of a planned future.

We must of course recognise that relationships can and often are negatively impacted by events in our past life that could include, lack of childhood secure attachment and support, psychical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, death or alcoholism to name but a few.

It is not surprising that many clients in these situation have come to psychotherapists for support during this difficult time.